Online Check-in-Registration


  1. Documentation 
    1. All teams must provide the following:
      1. 1 copy of roster with guest players at bottom
      2. A copy of player passes (only picture side)
      3. A copy of each guest player pass (only picture side)
  2. After you have gathered those documents, follow the below to register the team
    1. Scan each document and save as a single PDF document with the following heading GENDER/AGE GROUP/CLUB and TEAM NAME, e.g., GU17 NJ Wildcats Troutman-NPL
    2. Combine all files into one document
    3. Email the document to
      1. In the subject line include the following:
        1. NJ Wildcats Tournament Registration: GENDER/AGE GROUP/CLUB and TEAM NAME
  3. All teams must have medical release forms for each player, including guest players, but do not include the release forms in the online registration package.

All questions about online registration can be sent to: