Playing Time

Dear NJ Wildcats families:

We want to keep the communication going with all in our club.  Playing time at NJ Wildcats is earned by how your child performs in practice and how they perform in their games.  As listed in bold type on our web site "we are Developing players through Competition and Training."  Competition and Training will get the most out of your child.  If your child does not play as much as they would like we encourage you to communicate with the coach as to what your child can practice to get more.  Also note that we encourage your kids to cross train with other teams in the club at no additional expense to get in more training than the two days they are slotted with their team.  We also encourage private training with our trainers and extra training in small groups provided and run by our club.  We have kids that are training 4/5/6 days a week and we have kids that are training 2 days with their team and kids that make 1 of every 2 practices.  The harder your child works the faster they will progress and this hard work will be rewarded with playing time.
NJ Wildcats Advisory Board